Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm happy when...

1) Doing photography. Especially taking photos that captures the 'moment' and artistic style.

2) Think of lots of colours especially bright, sweet and relaxing colours.

3) Travelling! This definitely excites me anytime.

4) Baking cupcakes! Love the fresh baked cupcakes especially when I make it from scratch.

5) Reading books. Allows me to escape to another world without utilising too much electronic gadgets. Save electricity too.

6) Cooking and enjoying good and healthy food. Save $$$ from eating out too much.

7) Sleeping!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Allen's Lollies Commercial - Smiles

Guess what? Remember my previous post on Allen's Lollies commercial. Yes, the commercial is out now!

You can view it at

By the way, you need quicktime to view it. You can get it from

Just like the title of this Allen's Lollies commercial, Smiles, keep smiling and have a great day!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Giant Doll, Ellie @ Queen St

On last Sunday afternoon, as I was on my way to Woolworths at MacArthur Central, I saw a giant sweet looking doll along Queen Street. I found out that Ellie is starring for Allen's Lollies commercial (according to Brisbanetimes). This certainly interests me as I get to see the real work of making a commercial. Looks like my grocery shopping is delay a bit.

Picture 1

Hi, I am Ellie!


Camera ready for take?



Guy control the doll

Cool guy with the remote control, controlling Ellie's movement.

Editing video

Editing process is on.

Picture 2

Ellie takes a short break after hearing "Cut!"

Picture 3

Ellie wants to go to Post Office?

Watch "Ellie" in action.

After spending some time watching the commercial shooting, I ended up at Starbucks near Queen Street to continue my observation with my beverage. Did I go to Woolworths in the end? The answer is no, because I completely forgot about it :-)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

O'Reilly's Canungra Valley Vineyards

The finale part of my Mount Tambourine tour. Also, my first wine tasting.

Before arriving the vineyard, the tour bus encounter a herd of cows blocking the road. Somehow, it gives me the impression that the cows own the road. This delays a few minutes as the cows slowly crossing the road (or enjoying their leisure walk). Then, the tour bus continues to the vineyard.


Road block because of a herd of cows crossing.

To be honest, I never been to a vineyard before and don't drink wine very much. But I do enjoy learning about wine tasting during the tour. In total, there are six wines (mostly popular ones) including sparkling wine, red wine and white wine up for tasting.


My wine glass.

There's a bucket ready on the table for wine tasters to pour away the leftovers (normally because the specific wine is not their liking). Each time wine is tasted, wine tasters need to drink water (to wash up the mouth) before proceed for the next wine tasting. Wine list is also distributed for wine tasters in case request to try wine from the list.

I only manage to taste four wines. After the second wine, my ears starting to burn and turned red! I have to drink more water and relax myself a few minutes before I can continue to try other wines.

After wine tasting session is over, some stayed back to request to try another wine. As for me, I choose to explore the vineyard to take some photos (see below).


Cover to protect from birds (or me) eating the grapes.


Newly planted.


Rose plant.

While exploring, at the end of each row, there are rose plants. Besides to beautify the vineyard, rose plant also serves an 'indicator' if the presence of fungal diseases that may affect the vineyard.

At this vineyard, nearby there's a creek, with possible sightings of platypus. However, the tour driver shared that normally platypus are very shy, only appear either during dawn or dusk. There goes my chance to see a real (as of alive and moving) platypus :(

It's almost time to head back to the tour bus. There's only person from among our tour group, bought one box of wines. That makes it six bottles of wine for him to enjoy. I guess he must have liked the wine (or maybe it's cheaper). Who knows. During en route back to the Brisbane city, I manage to take a few final snaps of the scenery from the bus.


Final snaps.

Overall, I do enjoyed the tour and looking forward to plan something similar. These places certainly relax my mind and enjoying the nature beauty of Gold Coast Hinterland.

Now, a new question just pop-up in my mind, "Where to next?". Good question. While I am thinking of my next destination, I hope you all (yes, readers of my blog), thank you. I hope you enjoyed my stories :)

Rosemount Alpaca Stud & Barn

After O'reilly's Lamington National Park, the next tour stop was at Rosemount Alpaca Stud & Barn. The mascot here is an alpaca by the name of Roy. Everyone say 'Hi!' to Roy.


Roy, the cute ambassador.

Upclose video of Roy.

He's very cute, well behaved and natural in front camera. His fur is so soft but a bit wet due to the rain. Roy has been getting used to all the attentions and camera clicks as he's been doing this for the past 5 years!


Other alpacas grazing grass.


Enjoy nice lunch/tea time with great view.


Scenic green view.

Not only you can take photos and upclose with alpaca, you can buy some souvenirs as well. The time spent here is very short, about less than 40 minutes and I am starting to miss the alpacas already. Maybe the next time I come back, Roy already has his own family :)

Coming up, the finale my tour ends at O'Reilly's Canungra Valley Vineyards.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Lamington National Park

This is the second place I went after Gallery Walk. For those who likes nature, this is the place for you. However, I didn't manage to complete the nature walk due to time constraint. I heard it's about 2 hours walk to the waterfall. That is just going there, not including coming back from there. Total 4 hours! Therefore, I fail to witness the beautiful waterfall (for now). Sigh!

14Feb2009 075

I choose you, Booyong Walk!


Just follow the path.


On the way to the Tree Top Walk.


Up, up, up and the way! Climbing through the Tree Top for a breath taking view. Notice the sign says "6 people per span". Just keep that in mind.


After the Tree Top Walk, back to the bridge walk.


Entry to the Mountain Gardens.


Greens are everywhere (well almost).


Honestly I don't know the name of this flower. But the colours sure gets my attention.


Pathway in the Mountain Gardens.


Lovely pink lilies after the rain.


Wait, that one not yet bloom. But when it does, I can imagine it'll be the most beautiful lily flower of all.


Tracks for the nature walk.


This is where I ended up after about one hour walk.


Accommodation is there for those plan to stay overnight. Just be prepare to pay the price for it.


I heard of license to kill. But I didn't know now we have (applicable for nature or bird lovers) license to feed the wild birds!


There's always plenty of birds at the feeding area. If not, at least the wild turkeys (still comes from bird family) are always there.


My favourite (and best) photo shot out of so many attempts. It's very challenging to take photos of them as they constantly move around and flapping their wings.

It's been great experience to feed the birds. You'll just don't know how many birds will come to you and where they land on you the moment you hold the feeding container. For me, I like it and would recommend everyone go there at least try once.


Statue dedicating to the heroic Bernard O'Reilly.


O'Reilly's Mountain Cafe and Gift shop.


Scenic view from mountain cafe.

End of part two of the tour. Next up, Alpaca Stud Barn.