Monday, January 5, 2009

An Evening in Botanical Garden

What can you do with different colours of chalks and nice botanical garden to express your creativity?  Please allow me to share with you one of my findings in the City Botanical Garden one evening.

I was walking aimlessly around Botanical Garden. Suddenly, my mind whispers to me, "Look down the ground". When I look down the ground and I saw a message. After quick read, I just move on. Then, about five minutes later, I stumbled another message. It seems the messages are continued from the first message (clue: the direction of the arrow). My instinct just tells me to follow (or back track) the messages. It's quite fun as it's a bit of treasure hunting looking for the next clue (or messages in this case) and get the puzzles together. I finally got the complete messages and arrange them in order. Please refer below for the pictures and the messages.


Begins with "Cody - Ellen"


Follow arrow 1 (walking down stair case)


Follow arrow 2 (continue walking down stair case)


Begins with salutation, "Dear Cody". Yeah the alphabet, "Y" is missing, so next time when jogging or cycling, please try to be careful not to 'erase' the messages. Believe me this person takes some time, hard work (for writing out with a chalk) and creativity to write nice dedication, ok? Thank you in advanced :)


Message no.1 -You are the most incredible things that has ever happened to me.


Message no.2 - I don't regret a second of the time we've spent together.


Message no.3 - You mean the world to me and I hope I make that obvious everyday.



Ok, message no. 4 is very long even my camera have to take part 1 and part 2 of the messages to combine. I know it's not very clear, so let me write out the message. Message no.4 - I am willing to spend the next 100 years making sure you never doubt the light you bring to the world, especially mine.


Message no.5 - You are a truly beautiful person inside & out.


Message no.6 - I'd rather be fighting with you than having fun with anyone else. Personally, this is my favourite messages of all :)


Message no. 7 - Thank you for growing with me & always being my best friend.


Message no. 8: I love you. We're young but it's real.


Message no. 9: Happy Anniversary.


Continued by "Love Always, Your Share".


Follow arrow 3 (just walk straight, no stair case is found).


Follow arrow 4 (directed me to another stair case).


Decorated with "X" design on stair case.


Decorated with more heart shape design on the next stair case.


Ended with the three words.

So, if you are "Cody" how you'll react to the dedication messages above?

Please share with me what do you all think.

That's all from me (for now). Hope sharing this story will brighten your day. Cheers :)


emily said...

If i were you, i dare not follow the message. :p

AngleThinker said...

Hehehe, sometimes if you don't follow, you'll never know what you'll get.

Cheers, anglethinker