Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gallery Walk

This is the first part (out of four part series) on my one day tour to the Tamborine Mountain and O'Reilly's Lamington Park and vineyard. Thus, the journey begins...

Journey to the Tamborine Mountain takes about one hour drive from south Brisbane. The first stop of the tour was Gallery Walk. Abundance of shops selling antiques, arts and crafts. Of course, wine tasting and alfresco dining are catered as well. It is recommended to bring warm clothing as this place is very cooling.

14Feb2009 030

Wine shop to enjoy wine tasting.

14Feb2009 035

After entering, you might think you are in Germany.

14Feb2009 037

Nice items sold at the German cuckoo clock shop.

14Feb2009 039

Cuckoo clocks.

14Feb2009 052 

One of the cafes.

14Feb2009 053

Macadamia and Fudge shop.

14Feb2009 054

Yummy fudges.

14Feb2009 055

Colourful fudges.

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