Monday, February 16, 2009

Lamington National Park

This is the second place I went after Gallery Walk. For those who likes nature, this is the place for you. However, I didn't manage to complete the nature walk due to time constraint. I heard it's about 2 hours walk to the waterfall. That is just going there, not including coming back from there. Total 4 hours! Therefore, I fail to witness the beautiful waterfall (for now). Sigh!

14Feb2009 075

I choose you, Booyong Walk!


Just follow the path.


On the way to the Tree Top Walk.


Up, up, up and the way! Climbing through the Tree Top for a breath taking view. Notice the sign says "6 people per span". Just keep that in mind.


After the Tree Top Walk, back to the bridge walk.


Entry to the Mountain Gardens.


Greens are everywhere (well almost).


Honestly I don't know the name of this flower. But the colours sure gets my attention.


Pathway in the Mountain Gardens.


Lovely pink lilies after the rain.


Wait, that one not yet bloom. But when it does, I can imagine it'll be the most beautiful lily flower of all.


Tracks for the nature walk.


This is where I ended up after about one hour walk.


Accommodation is there for those plan to stay overnight. Just be prepare to pay the price for it.


I heard of license to kill. But I didn't know now we have (applicable for nature or bird lovers) license to feed the wild birds!


There's always plenty of birds at the feeding area. If not, at least the wild turkeys (still comes from bird family) are always there.


My favourite (and best) photo shot out of so many attempts. It's very challenging to take photos of them as they constantly move around and flapping their wings.

It's been great experience to feed the birds. You'll just don't know how many birds will come to you and where they land on you the moment you hold the feeding container. For me, I like it and would recommend everyone go there at least try once.


Statue dedicating to the heroic Bernard O'Reilly.


O'Reilly's Mountain Cafe and Gift shop.


Scenic view from mountain cafe.

End of part two of the tour. Next up, Alpaca Stud Barn.

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