Thursday, March 19, 2009

O'Reilly's Canungra Valley Vineyards

The finale part of my Mount Tambourine tour. Also, my first wine tasting.

Before arriving the vineyard, the tour bus encounter a herd of cows blocking the road. Somehow, it gives me the impression that the cows own the road. This delays a few minutes as the cows slowly crossing the road (or enjoying their leisure walk). Then, the tour bus continues to the vineyard.


Road block because of a herd of cows crossing.

To be honest, I never been to a vineyard before and don't drink wine very much. But I do enjoy learning about wine tasting during the tour. In total, there are six wines (mostly popular ones) including sparkling wine, red wine and white wine up for tasting.


My wine glass.

There's a bucket ready on the table for wine tasters to pour away the leftovers (normally because the specific wine is not their liking). Each time wine is tasted, wine tasters need to drink water (to wash up the mouth) before proceed for the next wine tasting. Wine list is also distributed for wine tasters in case request to try wine from the list.

I only manage to taste four wines. After the second wine, my ears starting to burn and turned red! I have to drink more water and relax myself a few minutes before I can continue to try other wines.

After wine tasting session is over, some stayed back to request to try another wine. As for me, I choose to explore the vineyard to take some photos (see below).


Cover to protect from birds (or me) eating the grapes.


Newly planted.


Rose plant.

While exploring, at the end of each row, there are rose plants. Besides to beautify the vineyard, rose plant also serves an 'indicator' if the presence of fungal diseases that may affect the vineyard.

At this vineyard, nearby there's a creek, with possible sightings of platypus. However, the tour driver shared that normally platypus are very shy, only appear either during dawn or dusk. There goes my chance to see a real (as of alive and moving) platypus :(

It's almost time to head back to the tour bus. There's only person from among our tour group, bought one box of wines. That makes it six bottles of wine for him to enjoy. I guess he must have liked the wine (or maybe it's cheaper). Who knows. During en route back to the Brisbane city, I manage to take a few final snaps of the scenery from the bus.


Final snaps.

Overall, I do enjoyed the tour and looking forward to plan something similar. These places certainly relax my mind and enjoying the nature beauty of Gold Coast Hinterland.

Now, a new question just pop-up in my mind, "Where to next?". Good question. While I am thinking of my next destination, I hope you all (yes, readers of my blog), thank you. I hope you enjoyed my stories :)

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