Thursday, April 23, 2009

Giant Doll, Ellie @ Queen St

On last Sunday afternoon, as I was on my way to Woolworths at MacArthur Central, I saw a giant sweet looking doll along Queen Street. I found out that Ellie is starring for Allen's Lollies commercial (according to Brisbanetimes). This certainly interests me as I get to see the real work of making a commercial. Looks like my grocery shopping is delay a bit.

Picture 1

Hi, I am Ellie!


Camera ready for take?



Guy control the doll

Cool guy with the remote control, controlling Ellie's movement.

Editing video

Editing process is on.

Picture 2

Ellie takes a short break after hearing "Cut!"

Picture 3

Ellie wants to go to Post Office?

Watch "Ellie" in action.

After spending some time watching the commercial shooting, I ended up at Starbucks near Queen Street to continue my observation with my beverage. Did I go to Woolworths in the end? The answer is no, because I completely forgot about it :-)


Anonymous said...

i was an extra on this tv commercial... it would have been quite a sight for the unaware. haha

AngleThinker said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. It was interesting watching the how the commercial was made. Now, I can't wait to see the commercial on tv.